‘Just Nice’

Walking in to 100% design at Earls Court is quite intimidating, starting with the airport style check in followed by the massive in your face stands that really fail to engage with us. It takes a while to calm yourself and begin to stumble upon the little gems that the show has to offer. 

Daniel + Emma are a design studio from Adelaide, Australia and their stand at 100% was very inviting, I was drawn in by their paper weight objects made from highly polished brass giving a gold finish, they appealed to our magpie nature for all things gold and shiny. Their whole stand was very well presented letting the objects speak for themselves. below is a quote from there small booklet (also very well presented) which sums up Daniel+Emma studio nicely.

“we take pleasure in ordinary everyday things and like the idea of viewing daily life as something special. we try to reflect this sentiment with each piece we make. our design aim to be ‘just nice’ “