New Website!

Well we finally did it. We finished the website and as you can see we are up and running…at last! We loved our blog and it was great as a tool to communicate  to all you guys (it will still be available until we transfer all our old posts over) but we feel that this website will provide us with a better platform to reach out on a more professional level. Very serious!

The new website will bring together our collection of work as we grow as a business and develop. In the coming weeks and months we will be implementing all sorts of exciting changes. An online store so that when we have stock of items like the Bubble Tank the whole process of ordering and getting one shipped out will be a piece of cake, pictures of our new products and lots more.

The blog area will be filled with interesting little stories and articles about what we have seen and what we like in design, life and art so we hope you get involved, share and help create a great little community.

We hope you enjoy it.