Our highlights from LDF.

As mentioned in an earlier post we visited ‘100% design’ as part of this years ‘London Design Festival‘. There is without doubt some great companies showing some interesting things but all too often it seems a bit too ‘trade show’ for our liking and more about the money making aspect rather than the design.

This year, we preferred ‘TENT’, ‘Designers Block’ and ‘Tramshed’. All mentioned seem to put the emphasis on good design rather than commercial viability and it was refreshing to see some exciting conceptual pieces from lesser known designers. Below is several of our ‘best bits’ from our favourite show of the year, ‘Designers Block’.

‘Tripod’ by Lukas Dahlen at ‘Designers Block’ was one thing we loved for obvious reasons. We felt it worked really well as a light and loved the relationship between the glass and timber.

Support your local artists and that… Dan Schofield is a graduate from Sheffield Hallam who was also showing his work at ‘Designers Block’. We love his style of work and think his ‘Shifty’ desk was (Cue stereotypical Sheffield accent) ‘Reight good’.

We also liked ‘JAILmake’ and their ‘Plantable’ table. We especially liked the fact that it was sourced, designed and made in Britain as well as being custom made to order.

We had a great time this year at LDF and saw some really interesting things. We really enjoyed the exhibitions mentioned above and feel that the best way to experience the festival is to go off the beaten track and it won’t be long until you stumble upon some amazing pop-up stalls and exhibitions. Hopefully next year people we will be exhibiting as well as visiting.