Pre-Order Bubble Tank

Well what can we say but we underestimated the power of the internet…never again will we make that mistake.

A little while ago we set up our blog apinchofpsalt as a starting point for our business. We had some not so good days averaging a total of 4 visitors per day until something great happened. We got featured on The Fancy things really took off. The picture of our Bubble Tank went around the globe and since then we’ve amassed a grand total of 24, 046 views and had countless inquires from as far away as Brazil, Hong-Kong and plenty from the USA regarding how people can purchase the Bubble Tank. We’ve exhibited the Design Event MART in Newcastle and we were featured in The Sunday Times. Finally…the wait is over!

Today we are happy to announce that the Bubble Tank will go into production in small batches early November and as of today it is available to pre-order. Just register your interest at to reserve one from the first batch to be made. The first batch will be 25 units and from there we aim to keep producing once or twice a month to meet the demand. We hope that you appreciate due to the bespoke nature of the design and its unique form it is not something we aim to mass produce. Each one is hand made by our Master Glassblower, a celebration of skill and craft in a truly beautiful product. We can’t wait to start shipping them out and have really taken a lot of motivation from the feedback we have had so far.

You may have noticed that we have worked hard to make some changes. The new version has a larger opening at the neck to allow for easier access with a small net or to house a small filter. Each one comes carefully packed in a custom made screen-printed box to make sure it arrives at your door perfectly. As it should be.

Once again we can’t tell you how excited we are to be finally making these available…it’s probably taken a little longer than we expected but we wanted the website and new product to all come together at the right time.

We hope you like it!