Myosotis…Forget me not.

A magnetic sheet steel notice board designed to help keep a little more order in todays busy society. Made by hand in Sheffield (the Steel City), the board is available in two colours and comes with a lathe-turned brass component which provides a place to store your keys.

The boards are produced in small batches and come with three golden spherical magnets to get you started and to help you keep your notes, keepsakes and important documents safe in one place.

*These sample boards are ex-display or old stock of the original (smaller) Myosotis and the new large Myosotis Grande. Each item may have some slight imperfections, uneven corners and edges or light surface marks. No returns.

Feel free to get in touch for more information.


Product Type: Interior
Launched: 2012
Colours: Water Blue / Purple Red / LDF Red /
Lemon Yellow / Heather Violet / Graphite Grey


Height: 380mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 35mm

Myosotis Grande
Height: 630mm
Width: 900mm
Depth: 35mm

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